Make your PI a better "office" for yourself

While this site started with PI model modifications I now do many late model Ford/Lincoln vehicle modifications.  Please email if you are interested in any options/changes not on the site.   We all like comforts in life and why not enjoy your mobile office more.  Often times Police Interceptors are ordered only with the "needed" options.  The two items I always heard the most about were adding keyless entry and auxiliary audio.  I spent many hours researching and experimenting and after trial and error have come up with the SOLUTION!  These vehicles are also coming up on the used market now and the "new" owners deserve to have these items as well.  All of the mods or add-ons that I have come up with require dealer software to enable and ONLY the Auxiliary Audio requires any type of wiring.

All upgrades are vehicle specific and you will need to provide the VIN to me at time of purchase.  While a dealer visit is required to activate features, dealers will not know how to do this without me providing the information.  It should take no more than 30 minutes for a dealer to complete the programming.  If you are in Wisconsin I may be able to do it myself.

Email: Jason@FordPIMods.com

Text Only: 715-997-1222