First off, you may ask what is IDS? IDS is the OEM FORD programming software dealers use to read trouble codes and do certain programming of vehicles.  There are vehicle features that can directly be enabled by IDS such as Dark Car or Remote Start.  Legitimate OEM IDS software and VCM2 (diagnostic tool) costs in excess of $2000.

The options that I have learned how to enable/change (such as enabling keyless entry, aux. audio, satellite radio, double horn honk elimination, etc) are not a simple menu item in the IDS software.  This can be corrected though through my process using IDS.  I provide a required vehicle specific programming file and instructions (via e-mail) for the dealer to follow using their IDS software and when completed the options will now work.  This process should take no more than 30 minutes from start to finish.  Your dealer may tell you it can't be done and they are wrong.  I will be more than happy to assist your dealer if they have any questions.  I will go so far as to even do remote access assistance with them if necessary.  YOU SHOULD CONTACT YOUR DEALER PRIOR TO ORDERING TO MAKE SURE THEY WILL BE WILLING TO PROGRAM THE VEHICLE.  While this process is simple some dealers do not like to think "outside the box."

I have no association with dealers so I can't answer questions about how much a particular dealer will charge.  This is something you should discuss with your dealer ahead of time.

Larger government agencies may have their own fleet services and have access to the same tools and I will also work with them to get your PI up and going with it's new features.  

If you are in Wisconsin I also have the equipment to accomplish this in person.  Contact me at with any questions.