Are you annoyed by the dreaded double horn honk on new Ford vehicles?  LETS TURN IT OFF!!!!

I spent considerable time tracking down the programming for the double horn honk experienced when the driver exists a running vehicle with the Intelligent Access FOB.  This also happens if a passenger exits the vehicle.  Now you can have it turned off.  This does require dealer programming just like most of my other modifications.  You MUST provide your VIN.  

THIS WORKS ON MOST FORD/LINCOLN VEHICLES.  Please contact me to verify it will work with yours.  Supply the VIN and I will look it up.

By purchasing this modification and having it programmed you acknowledge that you are turning off a safety feature as designed by the manufacturer and are doing so at your own risk.  You assume all responsibility.

Any questions please contact me via email:


Requires Dealer Programming - Make sure to include your VIN