2013-2016 PI Sirius Programming Only - $35

The upgrade file if you aquire the ACM yourself is $35.  If you wish me to supply an ACM I will need to locate one and pricing will vary but expect to spend $100 or more by the time you get everything installed and programmed.  Remember you will need dealer programming to enable Sirius once you have it installed (even if you get the ACM from me).  Any further questions email me ... jason@fordpimods.com

Ford decided Sirius Satellite was not a requirement for the police market and probably rightfully so.  But those with take home cars or who have purchased one for personal use certainly may love to have Sirius.  The upgrade process involves replacing the ACM (Radio/CD Player) along with either integrating the exsting satellite antenna (SYNC equipped vehicles only) or adding a complete satellite antenna (dash mount/magnetic mount, etc).

OEM Sirius Satellite Radio is possible in your 2013 -2017 Ford Police Interceptor Sedan / Utility