Current Hardware Stock (All have Version 2.0 or 2.2 running on them)

  • SYNC3 Navigation APIM - 2017 Model - Currently Sold Out
  • SYNC3 Navigation APIM - 2016 Model $700
  • SYNC3 Non-Nav APIM - $350
  • Used SYNC 3 Screen (may need brackets for your application) - $300 ($400 w/o APIM purchase - blemished units will be discounted)
  • SYNC3 APIM to SCREEN Display Cable is available for purchase as a separate item (this is included free with SCREEN and APIM purchase, otherwise must be purchased separately - $35

SYNC 3 w/Navigation Home Screen

SYNC3 - Upgrade to Navigation or Upgrade from MFT for Certain Vehicles

SYNC 3 V2.0 running Apple CarPlay

If you wish to upgrade your existing SYNC3 system to support OEM navigation the APIM only must be replaced.  Please see pricing below.  This  will come programmed for your vehicle.  Upgrading SYNC2/MFT details are also listed below.  I do not sell kits for upgrading 4" screen but can sell a screen/apim combo in some cases and assist with what you need to acquire and the re-wiring that is needed.

UPGRADING FROM MFT TO SYNC3 - If you are replacing MFT with SYNC3 here is your required purchase list:

  • APIM - pricing above
  • Screen - pricing above - (MFT screens are NOT compatible with SYNC3)
  • APIM Programming w/Purchase of complete system - $100 (you may program it on your own if you feel you are capable of doing so)
  • GPS Antenna - $15 (required for nav and non nav)
  • Shipping - $15 within USA - other destinations will cost more
  • You will also need to update your USB media hub and I will provide info for that as to what you need and where to get it.  I do not provide this.  Hub upgrade will cost you in the area of $60-$100 roughly.  USB hub upgrading is required!  

Add everything up to get your total.  You may need to do minor wiring modifications.

Android Auto/CarPlay are included in all V2.0+ APIMS.  CarPlay requires CarPlay compliant USB Hub (obtain from your dealer).


You will need to provide your VIN (all APIM purchases) and a photo of your current USB media hub (only for MFT upgrading).

Billing is via Paypal Invoice.